The Home of Wye Barbel Fishing..

Barbel Fishing Tuition and Guiding on the River Wye


Hello and welcome to the home of Wye Barbel Fishing...

My name is Tim Lennon. I'm a river guide and angling instructor specialising in barbel fishing on the River Wye. I can provide a full range of services tailored to your specific requirements,  that range from a day's individual barbel fishing tuition, to an organised fishing break with accomodation and food provided for you and your group of friends.

My biggest Wye barbel to date...

The River Wye runs through some spectacular countryside and, in places, is teeming with angler's paradise! Whilst it contains huge stocks of barbel, they are not spread throughout the river like currants in a bun. The Wye can be very "swimmy", and as a consequence the visiting angler can easily go away disappointed.
I can help you find the barbel, as well as instruct you in the best methods to catch them.          The methods I teach work on any river that contains barbel, and will dramatically improve your barbel fishing consistency.
Trips can be organised to a variety of different waters. If walking is a difficulty, some stretches allow the car to be driven along the riverbank straight to your swim.
Please ask about my unique barbel guarantee!